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Party Qs is for people who want to have good conversations and get to know each other better with fun, deep, and original questions.

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Awkward silences suck. 

A lot of dating apps help people find each other but don't give you something to do on the date itself. Enter Party Qs. 

One user begins their weekly youth event with Party Qs. It's on the schedule to break the ice with students.

Another user plays Party Qs with his 12-year-old cousin to go beyond the usual "how was your day?" and "how is school?" questions.

Whatever social setting you're in, Party Qs has the right questions for a scintillating conversation. 

With over 750 questions, you'll rarely see the same question twice (unless, of course, you favorite ★ them). 

How it works

  • Attend a social gathering, whether it's a hot date or a family dinner, or both 🤔
  • When the conversation lulls, whip out Party Qs 
  • Ask a question
  • Bask in the momentary warmth of pensive silence like this
  • Enjoy the outpouring of answers and ensuing conversation

"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge."

— Thomas Berger

Why Party Qs Exists

Party Qs exists to help people with social anxiety, provide great questions, and minimize "phubbing" (i.e., phone snubbing).

"Best app of October"

"A must download"

"We love this game. we used it last evening at an event with young adults and some teens, and it was a FANTASTIC conversation starter. Fabulous." —Kim, School Teacher

Paul Kemp, The App Guy Podcast

What people are saying about Party Qs

Austin Raye, Fitness Influencer & Entrepreneur

Americanoize Magazine

"Super simple, love the sharing as an image! I use these questions on dates lol joke" —Anonymous Google User

"A really compelling app for dinner parties 🎉"

"Equal parts thoughtful and humorous"

Ellen Smith, Trend Hunter Journalist

But, but, but: There are dozens of questions apps. What's different about Party Qs

Other apps have—to put it lightly—problems. They tend to be ugly, old, or bland. 

Party Qs has carefully curated questions, a minimalistic design, and a team of loyal co-founders who are on a mission to dispel awkward silences.

New questions are added weekly. New categories coming soon.

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